The Salsa and Mambo Masterclasses are designed for advanced On1 and On2 dancers only. They have a pre-determined level that must be maintained and instructors will not level it down to suit any participants who may have difficulty following the class. Get ready to be challenged in the best way possible! Please consult your regular instructor to make sure your level is suitable to attend the Masterclasses before you register.
  • If you have a dance partner: Those who join the class as a dance couple will not be asked to swap partners during the class.
  • If you don’t have a dance partner: Don’t worry! We will partner everyone up in the class and you’ll be swapping partners as normal.
  • Masterclass On1: With Gabriel & Leticia – Advanced On1 Dancers Only – 2 hours training on Saturday
  • Masterclass On2: With Antonio & Jasmina – Advanced On2 Dancers Only – 2 hours training on Sunday
  • Price: $50 each Masterclass (Super Pass includes 1 Masterclass)
  • Limited spots, Booking required


The Berardi siblings are taking the world by storm with their groovy style fusing the greatness of the traditional Mambo with a spectacular modern flair that is just amazing to watch!
This young couple has quickly risen to be one of the hottest partnerships in Europe. They stun audiences with technical, musical and powerful performances. They’ve also gained recognition for their fun and challenging workshops, specializing in Salsa On2 partner work, footwork and shines combined with elements of Afro-Cuban movement and loaded with styling and flair.


Multiple times World Latin Dance Cup Champions, these guys are worth the full event pass on their own. Lovely and personable people whom Australia has fallen in love with, time and time again, they are back, and this time to show more of their Salsa talents.

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