- Technique & Training (Performance / Competition)
- Mambo
- Bachata


The Masterclasses are designed for advanced dancers only. They have a pre-determined level that must be maintained and instructors will not level it down to suit any participants who may have difficulty following the class. Get ready to be challenged in the best way possible! Please consult your regular instructor to make sure your level is suitable to attend the Masterclasses before you register.

  • If you have a dance partner: Those who join the class as a dance couple will not be asked to swap partners during the class.
  • If you don’t have a dance partner: Don’t worry! We will partner everyone up in the class and you’ll be swapping partners as normal.
  • Masterclass – Technique & Training: With Carlos & Elysia – Advanced On1 & On2 Dancers Only – 3 hours training on Saturday
  • Masterclass – Bachata: With Pedro & Tiffany – Advanced Dancers Only – 3 hours training on Sunday
  • Masterclass – Mambo On2: With Almendra & Richie – Advanced On2 Dancers Only – 3 hours training on Sunday
  • Price: $75 each Masterclass
  • Limited spots, Booking required


Performance & Competition - Technique & Training

Carlos & Elysia (Australian Professional Salsa Champions) are regarded as one of the most technically strong and powerful performers in Australia. Trained from a young age in Ballet, Jazz, Tango and other styles their history of disciplined technique training now shines through in their Salsa.

Carlos & Elysia are huge advocates of the importance of correct dance technique in Salsa dancers and have fused together their own styles to create a unique, well rounded training method. This method has seen them grow their own students into exceptional technical dancers full of flavour.

Join Carlos & Elysia’s Masterclass at SSMC and learn the secrets behind their flawless technique, lines, turns, body movement and flexibility. Learn about projection and intention in your performance and how to train in an effective, focused manner.

This masterclass will incorporate their dance training techniques in conjunction with some Salsa (On2) Shines & Partnerwork.

DATE: Saturday 30th October
TIME: 10am – 1pm
WHERE: Room 5
RECCOMENDED: For aspiring and seasoned competitors

almendra & richie

watch this space

pedro & tiffany


Pedro and Tiffany came from Venezuela to enrich their lives with the Australian Culture. Whilst doing that, they enriched Australia with their Latino Sabor, contagious smiles, sexy Bachata and awesome Mambo!

Their unique energy fills the room, fills your soul and makes you love what you are learning when you do their workshops. In their Master Class, they will show you an amazing path to find your sabor latino. Pedro and Tiffany will share the fun and joy of the merengue, the way Pedro would dance with his grandma.

Bachata will be the main focus and they will touch the passion of sensual bachata, the joy and versatility of bachata moderna and last but not least, the raw energy of traditional bachata. All while teaching technique and playing the best music.

DATE: Sunday 31st October
TIME: 10am – 1pm
WHERE: Room 5
RECCOMENDED: For Bachata dancers Int/Adv and above