returning in 2023:

SALSA jack & jill competition


The SSMC in collaboration with BAILANDO SENSUAL FESTIVAL is excited to run the Salsa Jack & Jill Competition again in 2023.

Our Australian National Salsa Jack & Jill competition allows individuals to enter without a partner and demonstrate their skills in spontaneous social dancing with a variety of random partners.



 Leaders and followers are randomly paired and there will be several partner changes during the preliminary rounds.

    • Competitors are ranked individually in the preliminary heats and semi-finals and couples are ranked in the finals.
    • Only highest ranked will be called back to dance in a finals Spotlight dance.
    • All Salsa songs used are listed for you on our Spotify channel.


SPOTIFY – Amateurs (TBC)
SPOTIFY – Rising Stars (TBC)

General Info


Secure your spot

All competitors are expected to:

  • Have Full Pass to SSMC 2023

  • Register on the link below
  • 📍 WHERE & WHEN

    Save the date

    • Sun 29 Oct 2023

    • Registration closes 10am (Sun)

    • Comp starts 12pm

    • Venue: Round House


    Pick your division

    The Salsa Jack & Jill is divided into the following 2 divisions:

    Students who have competed or have been dancing for more than 12mths. Students may stay in this division as long as they are not placing in the top 2 of this division.

    Rising Stars
    To enter this division students have to be dancing for more than 3yrs and want to compete in a higher level.


    What's being judged
    All competitors will be judged individually. Male judges will judge the leaders. Female judges will judge the followers

    Timing & Musicality
  • Hitting the 1 beat and maintaining it and switching if the music changes.
  • Moving with the mood or sections of the music plus hitting accents or breaks.

  • Technique & Connection
  • Frame, Balance & Weight Shifting.
  • Salsa Movements – Contra Movement in Hips, Knees and Chest.
  • Leading or Following Connection

  • Attire & Showmanship
  • Fashionable Urban or Stylish Clothes.
  • Groomed to Compete (Hairstyles, Make Up).
  • Crowd pleasing movements, personality and energy.
  • ⚙️  HOW IT WORKS

    The Selection Format
    In the Preliminaries competitors will be randomly partnered for 3 rounds of 1min. Depending on the number of entries, groups of 4 – 10 couples will dance together and be ranked. Top 5 leaders and follower will dance in the finals.
      • Round 1: 100% fundamentals. You must demonstrate good Frame, Connection and Salsa Rhythm.
      • Round 2 and 3: Go for it with Crowd pleasing Moves and Footwork

    In the Finals 5 Competitors will compete in a spotlight dance.

      • They will be randomly coupled.
      • They will dance on their own for 2min.
      • They will be judged as a couple.

    Competitors will be disqualified for the following infringements:

      • Lifts – One foot must remain on the ground at all times.
      • Under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
      • Dancing dangerously or completely off key.
      • Inappropriate language or behaviour.


    All competitors:

      • Must hold a Full pass to SSMC 2023.

      • Pay the registration fee of $25.00 online or $30.00 at the event.
      • Check-in prior to the competition at the event registration desk.
      • Will have a competition allocated number assigned to them at the time of registration. It must be worn throughout the competition.
      • Must agree to conduct themselves in a sportsperson like manner, otherwise may at anytime be disqualified from the competition by the Head Judge.
      • Have to be ready to compete 15 minutes prior to the commencement.
      • Can compete if their divisions has a minimum of Four (4) couples to be considered a valid contest.
      • May only enter 1 division.
      • Agree to sign a waiver and are responsible for reading the rules and regulations for the competition.
      • Are responsible for entering the correct division and can be disqualified if caught not abiding by the rules.

    🏆  PRIZES

    What could be yours..

      There are significant prizes awarded to the winners:

        • 1st Place Amateurs division:  Prize - 1x SSMC 2024 full pass, 1x Bailando 2024 full pass.

        • 1st Place Rising Stars division: Prize - 1x SSMC 2024 full pass, 1x Bailando 2024 full pass.


    What to do

      In the event we need to deal with a situation. The following procedures will take place:

        • Speak calmly and clearly to the competition organisers Tony Lara or Jaime Jesus at a convenient moment during the competition, not whilst the competitors are in the middle of competing.
        • If the problem is not resolved and you need to take matters further, organise a meeting with the competition organisers Tony Lara or Jaime as soon as possible.
        • Please refrain from posting unnecessary debates on social media without first giving the organisers a chance to rectify the situation
    Competition Schedule
    SUNDAY 29 OCTOBER 2023
    10:00 AM
    Registration CLOSES
    11:00 AM
    11:30 AM
    12:00 PM