From NYC

This incredible couple is taking the USA by storm. Their brand of Mambo is modern, slick, classy and groovy. All the greatness of the traditional Mambo with a spectacular modern flair that is just amazing to watch!

Robert and Isabel are a dynamic couple that has quickly risen to be one of the hottest partnerships in New York City. They came together in March of 2015 and in a short amount of time have caught the attention of many in the American and global Latin dance scene. 

They stun audiences with musical, powerful and acrobatic performances. They’ve also gained recognition for their fun and challenging workshops, specializing in Salsa On2 partner work, footwork and shines combined with elements of Cha Cha and Pachanga, and loaded with styling, body movement, strength and flexibility. 

A powerhouse couple visiting Australia for the very first time. Roberto and Isabel will be teaching, performing, judging and social dancing.

Get ready to be blown away!



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