Launched in 2019, the SSMC was a huge success bringing the best artists of Australia and overseas together, all under one roof

This year, due to the Covid restrictions, and aiming to support the incredibly talented artists we have on our shores, the SSMC 2022 will be predominantly an Australia based event. 

We are very privileged to have so many amazing talents right here on Aussie land, and are very lucky to be able to congregate them at the amazing Roundhouse, a world-class venue in the heart of Sydney.

It this year’s edition, with the intention to support the whole Latin Dance industry, we welcome all styles with dedicated shows, workshops and party rooms for the Bachata, Zouk, Kizomba and Reggaeton lovers.

Enjoy an extended weekend of workshops, parties, shows and lots of social dancing. And this year, with 2 Nights of Live Concert, it is simply unmissable!  

Latin Dancers of all over Australia, you can’t miss this event!

interstate artists

almendra & Richie

From Melbourne & South America

Almendra Navarrete: Chilena Professional ballerina. World Champion of the World Latin Dance Cup 2017, Feminine Soloist category & Salsa On2 category, in addition to being Ultimate Champion with her partner Richie Torres. Since 2014, she has been a podium player in the Female Soloist category at the WLDC.

Richie Torres: Argentino Professional dancer. In 2016, he won Second Place in the WLDC Salsa On2 category with Almendra Navarrete. In the 2017 he achieved first place in the Salsa on2 category in addition to being the Ultimate Champion of the same event. Subchampions World Salsa Summit 2018 and 2019 Category Salsa On2.

They are invited & travel around the world as renowned dancers & instructors of Afro-Caribbean Rhythms (specialized in Mambo) 

Artia zandian

From Melbourne

Artia has trained in ballet, lyrical, hip-hop, & jazz. However, his life is about Salsa & Latin Dance. This multiple award winning dancer, performer & teacher is based in Melbourne, Australia. He strives to educate dancers about the power of musicality & the representation of music through body movement. He is also the creator of two professional dance teams: the Shines Brothers & The Salsa Unit. His early influences include watching his Dad break dance at their home in Tehran, listening to western music & watching TV & Hollywood dance shows & movies. Artia moved to Australia at 15 & passionately chased his dream to dance.

Education & staying current in the world of dance is his priority, studying with many world renown dancers including multiple world champion Olivia Pineda; Australia’s world-renown teacher, choreographer & promoter Jamie Jesus Manuelian; Mambo legend Adolfo Indacochea, Peru, & the king of fusion salsa Fernando Solsa & Tropical Gem, Italy.

Recently, Artia has strived to lead a more meaningful role as a professional in our community. With the hope to give back to the community as well as the dance community. One project is providing free, online dance classes for the Persian community in Iran with the aim to fight against the limitations enforced on the youth & dance enthusiasts there. The second is to use dance to raise awareness of eating disorders. As a sufferer of eating disorder himself, Artia decided to publicly speak & raise awareness on this largely unspoken issue within the dance community.

elysia & carlos

From Melbourne

Carlos & Elysia (Australian Professional Salsa Champions) are regarded as one of the most technically strong & powerful performing couples in Australia. Trained from a young age in Ballet, Jazz, Tango & other styles, their history of disciplined technique & training now shines through in their Salsa.

Carlos & Elysia are huge advocates of the importance of correct dance technique in dancers so have fused together their own styles to create a unique, well rounded training method for all dancers. This method has seen them grow their students into exceptional technical dancers full of flavour.

Join Carlos & Elysia’s Masterclass at SSMC and learn the secrets behind their flawless technique, lines, turns, body movement and flexibility. Learn about projection and intention in your performance and how to train in an effective, focused manner.

jai sheffield

From Brisbane

Jai is an experienced international teacher, competitor and performer with a decade of experience. After dancing full time for two seasons across Europe, he developed a deeper passion for salsa and Cha Cha Cha. Passing these techniques and styles on almost every night in studios across south east Queensland. When he’s not performing or teaching you will certainly find him on the social dance floor.

juan carlos

From Adelaide

JUAN CARLOS OSPINA SANCHEZ, Originally from Cali Colombia, has performed and competed around the world since 2000. Cali style Salsa is his field of expertise but now he also teaches and performs different styles of dancing. In 2010 he moved to Australia where has been sharing the salsa love and travelling around the world teaching Cali Style Salsa. He is now based in Adelaide-Australia.

Mario Acosta-Cevallos

From Canada/Melbourne

Stars of the stage show Matador, Mario & Josephine will be at SSMC2021. Powerful, elegant, sexy & inspiring! This amazing couple have been setting the stage on fire everywhere they have performed. 

10 x World Salsa Champion, Mario has been dancing for over 20 years. Training & teaching in many different dance styles including Salsa, Flamenco, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Ballroom. Lucky for us, Mario moved to Melbourne in 2018 and has been wowing the Australian dance community ever since. We are very excited to have him & his dance partner Josephine as part of the SSMC team of stars in 2021! Don’t miss this chance to catch them on stage, in workshops & on the social dance floor.

Image Courtesy of Ben Vella & Matador

minx (Miss Minxette)

From Melbourne

Minx’s brand is driven from the heart by her passion & respect for the history & culture of street dances. Both creative & a storyteller, she encourages students to be strong advocates for dance culture while effectively creating an environment for everyone to express their own individuality & style.

With over 12 years experience teaching, choreography and judging, Minx is a versatile dancer who specialises in all styles of street Latin, but is especially known for her Reggaeton & Latin Fusion. Performing & teaching in Europe, North America, Asia & Australia wide.

Her achievements include: five Australian professional solo Reggaeton titles & featuring in So You Think You Can Dance Australia’s top 100 dancers. Her competition troupe, MFassis Crew, has won 15 National titles to date & continues to entertain crowds worldwide.

As director & founder of The MBassy Dance Studio and with over a decade of experience in national event management amongst various dance communities, Minx has the vision to strengthen the Melbourne street Latin scene through community-driven and collaborative projects.

Pedro & Tiffany

From Melbourne

Pedro & Tiffany are one of the most dedicated and determined dance couples in Australia, bringing an abundance of charisma, power and flavour to both the national & international Latin Dance scene.

These two versatile Latinos are dancers, performers, teachers & choreographers that have an undeniable & contagious passion for dancing.

They have over 20 years experience in dancing & teaching a variety of styles including Cuban Salsa, Afro-fusion, Mambo & Bachata being some of their favourites.

With captivating style & flavoursome body movement, they bring a unique approach to dancing which will definitely capture your heart.

tony lara

From QLD

Tony, born in Spain, grew up in London & moved to Italy in 2002. He fell in love with the Italian style of dancing Bachata and is now the most successful and sought after Bachata teacher in the World.

Tony played a leading role in driving the popularity of Bachata Worldwide. Teaching over 100,000 dancers & teachers through workshops or his  DVD series. He has been invited to 60+ countries & over 500 cities to teach his style of Bachata. Dancers love learning from him as his technique and ideas make Bachata dancing accesible, fun & sexy .

From 2003 he travelled the world teaching & promoting Bachata dancing. Tony’s classes are fun & slick, packed with sensual & stylish moves and partner-work.  Tony is also renowned as a very successful DJ & Choreographer.

Tony was also involved in raising £10,000.00 to help the Children in the Dominican Republic. www.ilovebachata.

from sydney

Fed & Paola

From Sydney

Federico & Paola are renowned for thir passion of Latin music & dancing, drawing from the golden era of Mamboin the 50’s and 60’s. Together as DANCE MAMBO, they run shows, classes, teams and workshops with the philosophy that ” it’s when people fall in love with the music & the dance at the same time…. that is when the real magic of dancing happens.” “Dancing is a conversation between the rhythm & the dancers, which is only possible when one is open to listening to what the other has to say.” 


From Sydney


Jaime & Mary

From Sydney

Jaime Jesus & Mary-Grace. This heavenly couple has been blessed with travelling the world to preach their message of Salsa to followers from all continents on earth.

Their high energy, sabor & contagious style of dance has been sought after globally in a joint career that spans over 20 years. Their outgoing, friendly & bubbly personalities make them fun to learn from & be around. Coupled with the expertise in their craft and their passion for what they do, there is every reason why to experience them and no reason why to miss them.

Make sure you check out their workshops, watch their shows & grab them for a dance on the social dance floor.

Josie Coté

From Sydney

Josie has been dancing since she learned to walk & has extensive training in Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop & various other dance styles. Multiple times Australian Salsa Champion, she will be recognised on the dance floor by her amazing body movement & flawless technique in Salsa, Mambo, Bachata & other Latin dances. She has coached & inspired countless teams, both professionals & amateurs, to many prestigious Australian Champions.

She is the director and co-founder of Tropical Soul Dance Studio, one of the biggest Latin dance schools in Sydney. Her mission, focus & goal is to grow the Mambo (& Salsa) scene, while creating the highest quality dancers throughout Sydney & Australia!


From Sydney

Juan is a pioneer in the Bachata movement in Australia & Worldwide. Recognized as one of the top Bachata influencers in Australia, he has been part of the Bachata community since 2004.

His Bachata style, known as Bachata Moderna, is well structured & easy to learn. Juan blends Dominican footwork, with Sensual shapes & Moderna patterns. As he always says “you should dance what the music tells you to dance”.


From Sydney

Martin Taylor is a graduate from The Sydney Conservatorium of Music with a Bachelor of Music Education degree. With over 25 years of experience in Latin music, performing with: Salsation, Batuka, Saraguey, Sandunga, Café Sur, Barrio Salsa, Son Veneno, Mecanica, TNT Latinoz & Armandito y su Trovason, & is the musical director of (Cuban influenced groups) Charanga Libre & Mojito, while being musical director of tribute groups for Latin artists, Hector Lavoe, Willie Colon, Celia Cruz & Ruben Blades, ‘Fania Allstars’, also Joe Bataan & Cecilia Noel concerts (Australia at Womadelaide & Bluesfest), & performed with world famous US based timbale player Edwin Bonilla. Martin has also performed internationally in Latin groups in UK, Italy, & various parts of Cuba on trombone, bass guitar & percussion instruments.

For over 18 years Martin conducted ‘Cubanisimo’, the only radio program in Australia dedicated to the promotion of Cuba Music (Eastside Radio 89.7FM). A 1½ hour weekly show covering Cuban music, from Folkloric & Traditional to Cuban Salsa & Cuban Jazz. 

Martin has developed/taught the Afro Cuban Rhythms course at the Australian Institute of Music in Sydney & lectured/workshops as guest lecturer at University of Western Sydney. – He is currently the musical director of the 15 piece Latin orchestra Mucho Mambo featuring some of Australia’s best Latin & Jazz musicians. Formed in August 2002, Mucho Mambo is inspired by the orchestration & arrangements of 1950-60’s Big Band Latin Music. Martin also directs 10 piece Latin Soul/Boogaloo band Barrio Soul, Ay Pachanga, Salsa & Boogaloo Musica Viva touring show, 10 piece Brazilian Soul & Funk band Kriola Collective, & 11 piece 1970s funk band Jungle Boogie. Martin has also performed regularly with Musica Viva group ‘Zeeko’. 

He is a recipient of The Viva Fiesta Award acknowledging excellence in Latin dance & music & long standing contribution to the community.


From Sydney

Mercedes started dancing in Peru at age 6 in various Peruvian folkloric dance styles such as Marinera & Negroide (Musica Negra). At 12 she joined Sydney Dance Company to continue her dance journey after her family moved to Sydney. Growing as a dancer she produced nationally recognised choreographies at just 18.

You will find this supper bubbly, high energy, competition-driven dancer & instructor, teaching Salsa, Mambo On2, Bachata, Brazilian Axe, styling & body Movement at Latin Motion Dance Academy, as Oliver Pineda’s official current dance partner, & LMDA’s Head of Operations.

With her love for dance & competition, Mercedes competes in National Competitions including the Australian Bachata Championships, Australian Dance Cup, World Salsa Solo & Australian Latin Dance Cup, competing in pro teams, couple routines, Pro/Ams & duets, becoming National Champion in several divisions.

Nestor & Katrina

From Sydney

Two of the biggest names in both Salsa & Bachata in Australia, Nestor & Katrina have taught, performed & competed Worldwide. They are also directors & creators of the Modus Vivendi teams, having won multiple World Titles.

Nestor, of Uruguayan, & Katrina, of Portuguese descent, are the first & most prominent Bachata exports, having represented Australia in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Bali, Malaysia, Singapore, Auckland, Hong Kong, Rome, Milan, London, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, the list goes on. Nearly every corner of the world has been exposed to their funky & fun style of Bachata which encompasses many styles fused to make them one of the most versatile Bachata couples in the world. 

Recognised for the high energy, flair, fun & musicality in their choreographies, Nestor & Katrina are multiple time champions in both Australia and on the World’s stage. Their workshops are 2nd to none as their uncanny humour & amazing teaching ability always leave their students on high. Check them out in action at the SSMC 2021.

Oliver Pineda

From Sydney

Born in Australia of Chilean descent, Oliver started Salsa at 10 with Latin Dance Sport & Ballroom, becoming Multiple Australian Latin American Ballroom Champion. He co-founded Latin Motion Dance Academy in 2000, (Natalie Zeller) & achieved his first World Salsa Title in 2001! Always current, he added his latest title in 2019 at the Las Vegas Ultimate Latin Dance World Championship, & has to date amassed 10 x World Championships!

With 30+ years experience, Oliver’s unique style of dance & precise teaching methods make him one of the most admired & sought after Salsa dancers/instructors in the world. Travelling to share his passion & deep knowledge of music, dance & its history. His skill & knowledge lead to numerous TV appearances including as special guest performer & choreographer on Channel 7’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’, & for Channel 10’s “So You Think You Can Dance”.

Passionate about Salsa & Mambo, Oliver’s dance knowledge extends to Cuban/Afro Cuban, Cumbia, Cali Style Salsa, Rueda, Merengue, Zouk Lambada, Kizomba, Semba, Samba, Cumbia, Cha-Cha, Rumba, & all Latin/Modern Dacesport Ballroom styles

UNIQUE styles for 2021

Debralee Scarselletta

From Sydney

What I teach: Reggaeton and Samba

When not dancing I can be found: Not doing much else; I am a dancer even when I am not dancing.

I’m proud of: Multiple awards and National titles within our industry World Champion Salsa World Champion Reggaeton

My qualifications in a few words: Dancer, Choreographer and instructor for too many years to count. Many different styles under my belt, from commercial to Latin for the last 20 years

Funny facts: I hate butterflies/moths and any winged creature really.

Sera Fichera

From Sydney

Sera is know for her diversity in dance styles: Samba, Reggaeton, Brazilian Funk, Salsa, Cuban Salsa, Bachata & Latin Dance Fitness

Sera says: “When not dancing I can be found: at the Cinema or eating out, socialising with friends and family.  I’m proud of: Becoming multiple times Australian Champion in Samba, Bachata and Reggaeton. World Champion Salsa, World Champion Reggaeton and World Runner up in Samba. Learning to be a versatile Latin dance professional.”

Funny facts: I looove to talk, A LOT! and when eating lollies I always leave the yellow ones, they are my least favourite


You can't miss this amazing event

Mario Acosta-Cevallos

From Canada/Melbourne

Stars of the stage show Matador, Mario & Josephine will be at SSMC2021. Powerful, elegant, sexy & inspiring! This amazing couple have been setting the stage on fire everywhere they have performed. 

10 x World Salsa Champion, Mario has been dancing for over 20 years. Training & teaching in many different dance styles including Salsa, Flamenco, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Ballroom. Lucky for us, Mario moved to Melbourne in 2018 and has been wowing the Australian dance community ever since. We are very excited to have him & his dance partner Josephine as part of the SSMC team of stars in 2021! Don’t miss this chance to catch them on stage, in workshops & on the social dance floor.

Image Courtesy of Ben Vella & Matador

Jai Sheffield